Genius Loci

Edoardo Tresoldi creates gigantic sculptures out of wire, playing out a ghostly spirit of place.

How Marc Glimcher Is Upping The Pace

Over six decades Arne Glimcher built Pace Gallery into one of the most powerful art galleries in the world. Now helmed by his son, Pace has expanded far beyond a personality cult.

Inside The Louvre Abu Dhabi

While the Louvre Abu Dhabi is housed in a beautiful and provocative structure, it is its cross-cultural curation that proves to the real head-turner.

The Great Gender Hack

British/Japanese artist/engineer Sputniko! thinks it might be possible to hack gender in a future where biology can be overcome.

Santander's New Groove

Centro Botín, the long-awaited Renzo Piano-designed art museum in Santander, has a social mission at its heart.