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My Favourite Things: Gabriele Corto Moltedo

Gabriele Corto Moltedo, whose parents founded Bottega Veneta, on the favourite pieces from his personal art collection. 

Gabriele Corto Moltedo

Gabriele Corto Moltedo is the creative director of Italian fashion label Corto Moltedo. Nomadic by nature, entrepreneurship and creativity are in his blood as he channels his legendary parents, the founders of Bottega Veneta. With quiet confidence and international projects on his plate, Corto shares his reflections on life and his favourite things. “It’s the journey and encounters that define me.”

The Crate House of Bastia di Rovolon

This was commissioned for our backyard in Padova. I love the use of everyday objects repurposed to create this immersive, site specific piece where I go to read or to get some time out. It is pacifying to be outdoors and yet inside this crafted space. The occasional performance held here brings a whole new ambience and appreciation every time.

Wooden Horses

I love these horses. They were used for pattern-making of riding saddles, the idea of craftsmanship is embodied by these figures. They were first displayed at the Bottega Veneto store on New York’s Fifth Avenue when I was a toddler. The power of the animal is felt even if inanimate, and it’s left a strong impression. The horses are now safely kept in our garage along with other memorabilia.

Isabelle Stanislas lamp 

A concept creator, Stanislas is behind the branding of many contemporary fashion houses. She is also the architect to President Macron of France. As a close friend, I have had numerous conversations with Stanislas around her creations and admire their unique linear aesthetics, which have inspired my own work as a bag designer. I am the proud owner of one of Stanislas’s uber-limited light fixtures.

My fireplace and paintings

I’m quite fond of my fireplace in my residence in Florence. I commissioned the playful artwork above it by Federico Uribe, who also did my Paris boutique. The Henry Taylor painting (acrylic on cereal boxes) was a gift from my mother at Christmas. She’s an avid art collector of emerging artists before their fame, and I’m very inspired by her intuitive eye. She follows her gut instinct, and I aspire to adapt that approach to my life. 

Peter Halley

It reminds me of diagrams my father used to draw to explain company organisations. The colour ways are strong and make a statement. I was so happy to see Haley’s pavilion at the Venice Biennale this edition. I hope to be able to buy more of his works before they skyrocket.

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