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A New Year's Message From Our Publisher

A New Year's Message From Our Publisher
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BILLIONAIRE's publisher and co-founder looks towards 2023, a year to focus on self-compassion and healing from within. 


David Leppan (c) Photography by Ana Lui

No childhood is perfect. No parent is perfect. Few home environments or teachers are perfect. Certainly, no society is perfect. It is without question that as we navigate our way through childhood and into adulthood, as we come to learn about how society ‘works’ and what our place is within it, along this often-messy road called life, there will be some bruising, some damage, some conformity, some giving up on who we really are.

Healing is how we ensure that wrongdoings don’t become something we are burdened with for the rest of our lives. If we are not prepared to heal ourselves then we are committing to carrying trauma from one generation to the next. Breaking this cycle is key to gifting children the opportunity to be free of our issues and allowing them to be themselves. I can think of no more important reason to face this challenge head on and actively seek to heal.

Let us open up areas of our being long dormant; allow our attention to be drawn to feelings long deadened; and encourage one another to talk about what we have long chosen to fall quiet on. Let us be gentle with ourselves, with one another and generous and compassionate to all.

Happy New Year to all.

David Leppan