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A New Year's Message From Our CEO

A New Year's Message From Our CEO
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Billionaire's CEO and co-founder weighs in on a tumultuous year and his hopes for 2021. 

David Leppan (c) Piers Cunliffe

Few of us can recall a year quite like 2020. Most plans we may have had or even subsequently made had to ultimately be cancelled, postponed or adapted to restrictions and circumstance. The limited travel I managed to do was in January and February; thereafter I stayed put and am grateful to have been in a place I would rather be than anywhere else.

How few of us can say that? 

To say it’s been a challenging year would be an understatement, but it hasn’t been without real value: 2020 truly became a year of self-exploration; a year of contemplation and concern; a year of travelling inward more than abroad.

This year has given many clarity on what they don’t want their lives to be like; on where they would really rather live; and, hopefully, on what is truly important. 

For many, the only escape from our homes or cities, from our realities, was either casting one’s mind back by taking a trip down memory lane or looking to what will hopefully lie ahead in the years to come. 

At some point we will once again venture out, far and wide, but my hope is that when we do so, we will do so with purpose and careful consideration for the impact we are having. There is no going back to what we once considered normal. There is only a moving forward and adapting to change.