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Lyma: Where Wellness Meets Technology

The remarkable story behind of one of the fastest-growing health and beauty companies today. 

LYMA founder Lucy Goff

In 2012 when Lucy Goff found herself in hospital battling septicaemia following the birth of her daughter, her research led to her founding an award-winning health supplement and laser skincare company LYMA. She shares her story. 

What led you to starting LYMA?

In 2012 when I had septicaemia and I was told I had no real hope for recovery, I was in completely uncharted territory. Meeting Professor Paul Clayton, a world authority on preventative degenerative disease and the emerging field of pharmaconutrition was a pivotal point in my life. Professor Clayton showed me that almost all the supplements sold deliver no proven benefits, yet are still perfectly legal for sale.  

Instead, he introduced me to the hidden category of evidence based nutraceuticals. He prescribed me a bespoke protocol of these gold standard, patented and peer-reviewed ingredients, each dosed at active levels and formulated so that the body can fully absorb them.

Within weeks, I felt myself again, within months I felt better than ever. That was my lightbulb moment. I never set out to be an entrepreneur, but I knew that like me, there must be a huge number of people suffering unnecessarily and yet there are these powerful ingredients out there that have the power to help, and so, with the launch of the LYMA Supplement I set out to change that. The LYMA Supplement is a unique formulation of ten power ingredients all backed with proven science and its launch changed the face of the supplement category.

Is it a sustainable business? 

Absolutely. LYMA has B Corp certification and we ensure that the high-standard ESG practices set out by this accreditation are upheld across the entire business. All of our products are created with sustainability in mind - refillable and reusable packaging, recycled materials, and the LYMA Laser, our groundbreaking, world-first Laser technology is designed to last, over a decade to be exact! 

What are LYMA's best selling products?

The LYMA Laser has become a global phenomenon. Leading dermatologists, expert facialists and plenty of Hollywood A-list stars have seen the results for themselves and are still raving about it. I have been blown away by the overwhelming reviews of everyday loyal customers using the Laser to transform their skin, proudly sharing their before and after photos. 

When we launched LYMA Skincare there was a waitlist of 30,000 people and to me, that’s testament to the fact we all want our luxury skincare to come with proven results. But LYMA Skincare stayed true to our tech roots, coming directly from geneticists and scientists rather than cosmetic marketeers. As the most powerful epigenetic skincare in existence it contains more active ingredients than any other skincare formulation. This is skincare with the power to dial up gene expression to increase cellular energy, optimise renewal, reinforce barrier function and instill long-term, meaningful hydration; it’s fully capable of changing skin’s ageing trajectory. 

Did you ever find it harder being a woman and setting up a business? 

Those of us in the top echelons of business have to prove ourselves no matter what gender we are. We are individuals driven enough to keep forging ahead without being disheartened and I believe that’s what unites us. When I approached investment funds with the initial concept of LYMA, every single one of them turned me down - was it because they didn’t believe in the concept? Perhaps. Was it because I was a woman? Maybe. Did I prove them all wrong? You bet I did. I made the decision to go ahead and seed fund LYMA myself and we sold out of the Supplement within the first two weeks.

What are future plans for growth? 

We have just launched the LYMA PRO which takes the unrivalled power of the LYMA Laser and turbo-charges it. The three near-infrared 500mw lasers housed within the device give it three times the power, while a lens nearly four times bigger means larger areas can be quickly and effectively treated in less time so it’s ideal for use on the body as well as the face.

The regenerative beam is able to penetrate through every layer of the skin to the muscle that supports it, lifting and tightening to restore the underlying architecture on which the skin sits. And it does this while simultaneously stimulating the production of collagen and elastin in an unprecedented reversal of the skin’s ageing process. The Laser PRO has 100x more biological power in the dermis (the base layer of your skin) than near infrared LED, delivering a transformational healing effect that LEDs cannot achieve. It’s also 250x more powerful than any other at-home laser.

I am incredibly proud of the Laser PRO but I am already in talks with our global team of LYMA scientists about what’s next. That’s absolutely all I'm going to say about it though! 

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