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The World's Most Photogenic Dishes

Renowned French food photographer, Patrick Rougereau, shares a snapshot of where to discover the world's most beautiful and photogenic dishes.

Daniel - New York City

The dishes served at Daniel represent its founder, Daniel Boulud - refined and creative. He excels in the art of surprising us with intriguing produce and wonderful flavours.  His cuisine embodies his extensive experience of French culinary traditions and for his guests in the US it is an invitation to discover France. He is a French Chef that has been established in NYC for many years.

 Daniel, New York City

Flocons De Sel - Megève - France

Emmanuel Renaut is the owner of the superb hotel-restaurant Flocons de Sel which is nestled in the heart of the Alps. He invites you to discover the amazing richness of mountain style cuisine: lake fish, game, etc. Most of all, Emmanuel, has a passion for the very best produce. His cuisine is really refined and staying at his establishment is a sheer delight. If you are fortunate enough to spend the night in one the chalets you will wake up in the morning to a view of the valley covered with never-ending grass or snow depending on the season before enjoying the outdoor Jacuzzi. 

Flocons de Sel

Brasserie of the Georges V Hotel - Paris

Simone Zanoni, a born and bred Italian, is at the helm of the kitchens of the Georges. Situated in the Georges V hotel, the decoration of the restaurant is exquisite. The service is fresh, energetic and efficient. Guests can go dressed casually in either a t-shirt or an evening dress. The dishes are light and delicious and the starters are a wonderful introduction, before savouring truffle raviolis, and the wine list includes very reasonably priced small wonders. 

Brasserie, Georges V

Akrame - Shirvan - Paris

I am particularly fond of the cuisine concocted by Akrame both at his starred restaurant Rue Tronchet in Paris and at Shirvan, Place de L'Alma. His dishes are audacious. He loves to surprise us, always respectful of the produce, working them so as to extract all the flavours. Each dish is an amazing discovery. Shirvan proposes ‘cuisine of the world’ that takes us on a journey with the famous roast cabbage, lentil caviar, chicken tandoori and an insane mille feuilles to conclude! 


Regis Marcon - Saint Bonnet Le Froid

Régis and Jacques (father and son) are the proud owners of this establishment set in a small village perched at 1200 m. A true haven of peace,everything here is dedicated to nature. Règis and Jacques are true masters of foraging and ingredients such as mushrooms and herbs. They often set out with their team, baskets in hand, to collect fresh herbs and mushrooms. Régis is a former winner of the Bocuse d’Or and boasts 3 stars. Set in a natural environment the 10 rooms of the hotel are enchanting and you will wake up to enjoy a 360° panorama of the Ardèche scenery.

Regis Marcon

Patrick Rougereau has worked with some of the world’s top chefs and has won such accolades as International Artist of the year at the Chefs World Summit 2018. In 2015, to celebrate his 30 years in the industry, Rougereau released a collection of his best works titled Regarde comme c'est bon! which documents his work alongside the greatest chefs of French gastronomy, including Anne-Sophie Pic, Daniel Boulud and Christophe Michalak.