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How I Travel: Actor Byron Mann

The Wu Assassins actor is a frequent flier between Los Angeles and Hong Kong. 

Byron Mann (c) Roger Lee

Hong Kong-born actor Byron Mann is known for playing Uncle Six in this year's Netflix drama Wu Assassins, but he has been a mainstay of Hollywood since the mid-nineties when he landed a role in Street Fighter. As one of the first actors to really bridge East and West screens, he has starred in a host of film and TV from Skyscraper to The Big Short. He is currently filming a new drama called Little Fires Everywhere, an adaptation of the novel by Celeste Ng, starring alongside Reese Witherspoon and Kerry Washington. 

Sitting down over coffee in Hong Kong, he describes his travel routine. 

Where have you just come back from?


How many times do you fly per year?

Around 30?

Do you carbon offset? 

No because I hadn't heard of it, but now I will look into it!

Do you travel light?

I take as little as possible, usually just two hand-carry cases, and I can last a week on hand luggage. The key is to roll your clothes. 

What are your five on-board essentials?

My favourite hoody made by Italian brand Hydrogen, as it gets so cold on flights and I love the anonymity of a hoody. An iPhone charger. A script or screenplay to read through. A few English magazines (English versions are always superior to American) which I buy in LA, usually GQ or Esquire. An eye mask, and my peppermint chapstick. 

What do you do during a flight?

I usually watch two or three movies, mainly for pleasure but sometimes to research a particular director's work. I always enjoy the flight and eat the food on a plane but I never drink alcohol, I barely drink anyway. I will usually read a script which I've printed out, as I can't focus on reading in digital format. 

What are your favourite cities?

Hong Kong, Sydney and Bangkok, and I tend to stay in the Marriott hotels there.