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Could This Be The World's Greenest Superyacht?

Feadship's blueprint for the Escape includes an awe-inspiring 700 square metres of solar panels. 


The Escape is the ready-to-go blueprint for a superyacht that would be one of the world's most eco-conscious motor vessels. It would be the first yacht of this size - 110 metres - with 700 square metres of solar panelling. The deck hatch rotates towards the sun to catch the rays on its large PV Cells, generating 133kw of energy.

The designs incorporate technologies to enable fuel consumption savings of up to 35 percent whilst providing excellent manoeuvrability at full speed, silent electric cruising and a wealth of redundancy options.

Green technologies include hybrid propulsion, plus an enthalpy wheel to pre-cool the AC intake with exhaust air, as well as reheat AC air with waste heat from the generators.

The Moon Pool

The Escape would come with a 'moon pool' with 360 degree views of the underwater world. At the epicentre, the atrium will be a communal space for family and friends to gather around the moon pool. Filled with sea water, the moon pool doubles as a secret submarine landing zone, as well as a swimming pool where passengers can enjoy inter-deck splashes via the giant slide, or take the panoramic glass elevator into the sea to marvel at the surrounding ocean. There is a state-of-the-art wellness area featuring a spa, sauna and massage room. 

The design includes a garden and greenhouse where owners can be sustainable and grow their own hydroponic herbs and vegetables and create a healthy onboard ambience and space to fully switch off.

Feadship CEO Jan-Bart Verkuyl and senior designer Ruud Bakker said they were inspired to create a vessel aimed at an "extrovert and eco-conscious rockstar."

The lounge and garden area

The yacht contains a private submarine and myCopter – a personal drone helicopter – for passengers to discretely explore their surroundings by sea and sky, which is kept in the foredeck hangar. 

Escape would take approximately 3-4 years to build, and price is on application, said a representative.

 A herb and vegetable garden aboard Escape

The Netherlands-based shipyard has published these technologies in the hope they can be shared across the industry to build a greener footprint. "Whilst there are many remarkable yacht concepts, very few are realistically achievable. We are proud to say that the designs for Escape are actually possible to create, and ready to be built today," says Farouk Nefzi, brand and marketing director at Feadship.