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10 Artists To Complete Your Interiors

Interior designer Katharine Pooley shares her top ten artists to transform those walls you've been staring at. 

Terrell James

Terrell James paints the natural world through a unique, abstract lens and her soft and feminine work was the perfect addition to this Knightsbridge townhouse project. 

Nancy Cadogan

Nancy Cadogan’s paintings combine a reflective mood with joyful hits of pure colour. Her figurative and surrealist work is a fabulous addition to enliven a tonal living room in the country.

Charlie Barton 

Charlie Barton’s celestial moon painting is currently hanging in my dining room and lends a wonderful atmospheric quality for candle-lit suppers. 

Emily Swift Jones

Emily Swift Jones balances futuristic clean lines with luxurious finishes, making her work very calming. 

Lee Jung Woong

Lee Jung Woong’s meticulous hyper realistic oil paintings depict traditional Chinese brushes saturated with ebony ink, giving a monochromatic pop-art feel, which is highly impactful. 

Sargy Mann

Dazzling colours and an impressionistic grasp of light sets Sargy Mann’s work apart from his peers. I hung a large, vividly-painted canvas of women bathers in the drawing room of a Chelsea home as a joyful injection of colour and warmth.

Andy Warhol 

Andy Warhol prints are instantly recognisable and need no introduction. They look great against a sleek, glossy and monochromatic interior as the perfect backdrop. 

Zhang Jinga

The pre-eminent Singaporean fashion photographer, Zhang Jinga’s works are beautifully dark and ethereal. 

Brendan Burns

Brendan Burns’ paintings are some of my favourite pieces from the last few years as they are abstract, highly textured and beautifully soft in colour.

Terry O'Neill

Terry O’Neill’s photographs are fabulously candid and glamorous. 

Katharine Pooley is a UK-based interior designer who works on commercial and residential properties around the world. With her team of 47 interior designers and architects, her recent global assignments include properties in many of London’s most prestigious addresses, a private family home in Washington, a Villa overlooking the sea in the south of France and a large villa in Kuwait.