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My Favourite Things: Jessica Michibata

The Japanese model shares her favourite pieces from her personal art collection. 

Jessica Celeste Michibata has graced the covers of hundreds of magazines in Asia as Japan’s top model and has been a spokesperson for Nike and Tag Heuer, and a tourist ambassador for Hawaii. She now lives between her hometown Tokyo and Los Angeles. As a published author and advocate of positivity and spirituality, Michibata believes happiness is found internally. “I’m quite instinctive and know when I see something I like. I choose art that makes me smile. Appreciating creativity is a way to get energised and excited throughout my day.” Here are her favourite artworks from her collection.  

Yayoi Deki Peta 

This painting has a special place in my heart. It was one of my first purchases and inspired me to start collecting. When you look closely, the dots are fingerprints of the artist, with smiley faces painted on each one. I decided to hang it in our daughter’s playroom for its vibrant and youthful nature. Depending on the lighting though, it can have a meditative appeal, which I am also fond of.  

José Parlá Without Roots The Trees Won’t Grow (2019) 

José Parlá has a language of his own. His mix of calligraphy, graffiti and street culture represents an eclectic city life. This work is softer and more organic than his usual neon works, such as the mural at One World Trade Center. My husband and I were looking for a family-friendly, but powerful painting, and this was perfect. I love the title and the meaning it insinuates.  

Ayako Rokkaku Untitled (2008) 

Rokkaku has a distinctive aesthetic though delivers a universal appeal. Her imagery explores the childlike spirit that exists in us all with a kawaii personification. I think this is quite intriguing: how her doodles can be nostalgic and thought-provoking. It serves as a reminder to let our imagination run wild.   

Tomo Cambell Dont Get Me Wrong (2020) 

This painting makes me want to dance. His use of bright but moody colours and loose yet determined brushstrokes embodies a certain sensuality. Finding artworks that speak to me is not easy, so I’m lucky to have a friend who is an art advisor and knows my personality well. Tomo Campbell is an emerging British artist and I am so excited to watch his career unfold. 

Eddie Martinez Le Petit Hamburger 

I like to collect art that I can pass down to future generations. Eddie Martinez is a US artist who mixes abstract expressionism and urban culture motifs. He’s hugely popular among young collectors but I think he will stand the test of time. The hamburger makes this painting quirky and playful. 

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