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Ten Things To See At London's Collect Fair

Isobel Dennis, director of the 18-year-old contemporary craft fair, shares her picks of this month's upcoming show.

Collect Open, Jemma Gowland, Lifespan Large (Porcelain Figurines)

Organised by the Crafts Council, held at London's Somerset House, Collect showcases exceptional craft made in the last five years by living artists and designers. Disciplines on show at this year's 30+ booths will include ceramics, glass, lacquer, art jewellery, precious metalwork, textiles and fibre, wood and paper, even resin and bone. 

Isobel Dennis, fair director, believes in pandemic times more than ever, people are becoming interested in collecting craft, often to complement visual art such as photography and paintings. "Everyone has been spending a lot more time in their homes and people are becoming more discerning about what they're living with," she says over Zoom. "Craft often has strong links to provenance which is indicative of how we're changing our buying habits now; it's about purchasing local and supporting and nurturing a craftsperson, rather than, 'my interior designer can source something'. There is something special about the touch of the hand and the sense of humanity with craft."

She adds: "Craft is a very accessible sector, you don't feel like you need a fine art degree to appreciate it."

Like many art and design fairs, this year's Collect will be a hybrid between virtual and physical, with the physical fair taking place in the beautiful surrounds of Somerset House from 25th-27th February 2022. The virtual fair will run from 23rd February to 6th March 2022. Some 30 galleries will be displaying work in person with an additional nine joining virtually. 

Isobel Dennis, director of Collect, shares her ten must-see pieces at this year's fair. To book tickets click here. 

Gallery: Sarah Myerscough Gallery

Artist: Arko

Title: A Head-Sea Over the Night Sky

Material: Rice Straw

Gallery: Ruup & Form

Artist: Naomi McIntosh 

Title: Cocoon Vessel 1

Medium: Beech Wood

Gallery: Queen Elizabeth’s Scholarship Trust, (QEST)

Artist: Daniel Freyne 

Title: Tranquil Bowls

Medium: Forged and Raised Iron 

Gallery: Cynthia Corbett Gallery

Artist: Amy Hughes

Title: Medium After Alhambra 

Medium: Coil and Slab Built Vase

Gallery: Flow Gallery

Artist: Nina Malterud 

Title: Weather Map Plates

Medium: Ceramic

Gallery: Joanna Bird Contemporary Collections

Artist: Dawn Bendick

Title: Time Rock Stack XII

Medium: Cast Stones and Relics from a medieval church, in dichroic glass embedded with metallic particles, that react chromatically to the frequency of light.


Artist: Elica Studios

Title: Phylocallos

Medium: Porcelain

Gallery: Candida Stevens Gallery

Artist: Alice Kettle

Title: Catherine of Braganza

Medium: Thread on Linen

Gallery: Design-Nation

Artist: Ella Fearon-Low

Title: Tilda Brooch

Medium: Gold and Silver Steel 



Gallery: Lloyd Choi Gallery

Artist: Kim Dong-Wan

Title: Ottchil Glass Pots

Medium: Glass Blown and Natural Lacquer