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Five Minutes With...Julie Cavil

We hold a quick-fire Q&A with the Krug Cellar Master. 

Cavil (c) Michael Ferire

Julie Cavil holds the storied position of being the first female Cellar Master at Krug, but working in Champagne is her second career. After five years at one of France’s top business schools, she embarked on a career in communications. At a Paris PR agency she met her future husband; their combined passion for wine drove them to leave their comfortable life in Paris to move to Champagne, where Cavil studied to become an oenologist, graduating at the top of her class. After a stint at Moët and Chandon, she joined Krug during the 2006 harvest.  

She gives Billionaire five minutes of her time to answer a few questions about her life and loves.    

What is your morning routine? Weather check, then a first coffee with the team at the office.  

What are your style signifiers? I have a rather large collection of footwear to suit the versatility of my role: safety, heels, boots or flats for the winery, vineyards, journalists, meetings or travel. 

What do you always have in your fridge? Salted butter. I am faithful to my ‘Breton’ heritage. 


You will always find salted butter in Cavil's fridge. 

What was your most amazing holiday and why? A crossing of the Bahamas by catamaran with my husband and two daughters: the beauty of the landscapes, the family aperitifs, the colour of the water, the time to live and share, the cohesion. 

What would be your ‘death row’ meal and drink? Veal tenderloin with cream, which reminds me of every Wednesday at my grandmother’s house, with the 154th Édition of Krug Grande Cuvée, my very first sip of Krug shared with Rémi Krug during my final interview before joining. The contrast between the smoothness of the sauce and the lemony freshness of Krug Grande Cuvée, is simply magical.  

Is there any food that you can’t stand? As someone who works closely with chefs, I am quite open-minded in terms of cuisine but, even after trying them many times, I still can’t stand the texture of oysters. 

What was the best gift you have recently given, and one you received? I organised a weekend in London for my husband and our two daughters. We currently live in different cities, and it was a surprise to bring the family together. As for one I received, I was given a rare bottle of Jordanian red wine, the first in my life, and it was an amazing discovery. 


Cavil recently enjoyed a brilliant family holiday in the Bahamas. 

If your house was on fire, aside from family members and pets, what one thing would you take with you? A very special, witty and poetic, family portrait done 10 years ago.   

What the best piece of advice you’ve given? Even if you have a course in life, never hesitate to take a roundabout route. You will always come across beautiful, surprising encounters and unexpected opportunities. 

Who has most inspired you? I am very attracted to visionary people who are nonconformist in their way of thinking. Those who do not choose the easy path but follow their convictions and their values. In this respect, Joseph Krug has always inspired me. 


Joseph Krug provides inspiration for Cavil. 

What is your guilty pleasure? A glass of 19-year-old Scotch whisky Ardbeg; I am a huge fan.  

What makes you most annoyed? I try not to let anything annoy me. I try to welcome things as much as I can. 

What makes you happiest? Having time. 

What is the best recent book you read? The Seven Sisters by Lucinda Riley. 


Cavil's favourite book, The Seven Sisters By Lucinda Riley. 

How would you spend a perfect Sunday? A outdoor barbecue with friends and family in summer or watching a Netflix series together in winter.  

What is your ultimate life philosophy? Nothing ever happens by chance. It’s a matter of mindset, a different way of looking at each situation and trying to find an opportunity behind each challenge. 

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