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The Siam Hotel Offers Traditional Tattooing Services

Get a permanent Thai souvenir in the form of a Sak Yant tattoo.

The Siam hotel in Bangkok is offering a three-day or one-day tattoo retreat for guests who are keen on getting a permanent Thai souvenir in the form of a traditional tattoo.

Known as Sak Yant tattooing, the sacred art will be performed by former monk Arjan Boo at The Siam’s Opium spa. Boo is a Sak Yant master and is distinguished for the fine quality of his craftsmanship and his attention to detail.

The tattoo studio at the spa was created specially for Boo to provide guests with assurance of security, comfort and hygiene in the entire process and final impression.

Once the tattoo is applied, guests will have their tattoo blessed at Watt Bangphra, a renowned tattooing temple located about an hour outside of Bangkok.

Sak Yant tattooing originated in ancient Cambodia and is now practised across many Southeast Asian countries. Perceived as magical with the ability to bestow mystical powers, protection or good luck, these intricate tattoos should only be administered by special practitioners or Buddhist monks.

The Siam’s tattoo studio was the inspiration of general manager, Jason Friedman. He witnessed an increasing number of guests wanting these sacred tattoos who were not sure of where to get them. After organising Sak Yants for several guests (most notably for Cara Delevingne and Michelle Rodriguez), he decided to open the tattoo studio within the hotel for a comfortable and luxurious experience.

The price of a Sak Yant tattoo at The Siam is THB30,000++ for a smaller Yant and THB60,000++ for a larger Yant. Prices include tattooing supplies with new needles, flower arrangements as part of the tattooing and the traditional offering for Arjan Boo.

For more information, please call +66 (0) 2206 6999 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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