• Gravity Defying

    Gravity Defying

    Reimagining human flight for the 21st century takes blue-sky thinking.

  • Time For Tartan

    Time For Tartan

    DC Dalgliesh, a hand-maker of Tartan, seeks to retain tradition whilst moving with the times.

  • Giving Is The New Currency

    Giving Is The New Currency

    An excerpt from the Epic founder’s new book describes how to revolutionise the way we give.

  • Stella McCartney: Sustainable Star

    Stella McCartney: Sustainable Star

    Stella McCartney was taught as a child to lead an ethical life. Now as the face of sustainable fashion, she has launched a UN-backed charter for the apparel industry.

  • Montenegro: A Window To The Past

    Montenegro: A Window To The Past

    Lord Byron wrote: "The most beautiful merging of land and sea occurred at the Montenegrin seaside”. A few centuries on, his words still ring true.



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The Giving Issue

Billionaire's Giving Issue celebrates charitable giving in all shapes and sizes; from the mega-foundations of billionaires to the Indian villager who single-handedly replanted a forest. In mind of the season we look at thoughtful gifting ideas, with highlights including lab-grown diamond jewellery, personalised tartan, pre-loved luxury and hand-made artisan crafts.


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